Wonder Woman #1 Facsimile Edition (2023) Cover C Blank Card Stock Variant

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This is the first full length comic devoted exclusively to Wonder Woman and contains a brief description of the character and four full-length stories. Though she had only made one brief appearance in All-Star Comics (#8) and nine appearances as the lead character in Sensation Comics, Wonder Woman #1 nevertheless already retcons her origin in a few different ways, most notably by giving her her Lasso of Truth before she leaves Paradise Island for the first time. In the previous continuity she only received the lasso after returning to Paradise Island in Sensation Comics #6.The issue begins with an introduction of Alice Marble, the new Associate Editor of Wonder Woman. There is then a very brief description of Wonder Woman that explains how she has the combined powers of Aphropdite, Athena, Hercules, and Mercury.A History of the Amazons/The Origin of Wonder WomanThe issue's first story begins at the moment that Wonder Woman arrives in the U.S. with an injured Steve Trevor, thus retelling the events of Sensation Comics #1. After dropping Steve off at the hospital, Wonder Woman leaves, but a parchment falls from her outfit and someone at the Smithsonian translates it to learn the history of the Amazons.This version of the story begins with Ares and Aphrodite arguing over who shall rule the world - men with violence or women with love. Ares (quickly rechristened Mars) sends his men to enslave women throughout the world. Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, prays to Aphrodite for protection. Aphrodite gives her a magic girdle that bestows great strength and power. Hippolyta then leads her Amazons to victory over the men, who are led by Hercules. After surrendering, Hercules promises peace with the Amazons and seduces Hipployta. When she is vulnerable he steals her girdle and he and his men enslave the Amazons.Hippolyta prays to Aphrodite, begging for help. Aphrodite agrees to give her the power to break her chains, but decrees that the Amazons must always wear metal bracelets...