Detective Comics #58 Facsimile Edition (2023)

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The heretofore-unheard-of Penguin steals a valuable painting and fences it to "the Boss," who hires him to do some crime-planning for him, and soon an ambitious crime spree sweeps over the city. When "the Boss" tries to screw over the Penguin at loot-splitting time, Penguin just guns him down, with a rifle concealed in his umbrella, and takes over his gang. During a subsequent crime, Penguin manages to gas Batman with another trick umbrella, leaving him woozy and half-amnesiac. Penguin takes this opportunity to frame Batman for stealing an expensive jade idol, of which the Penguin himself is the real owner. This complicated but effective plan works, and the police arrest Batman. Then as they drive away with Batman in the back of a police truck, Penguin's men crash a car into it, and grab Batman, escaping with him. Soon, Batman escapes the Penguin with help from Robin and together they search for the Penguin. Batman and Robin break up the Penguin's gang, and exonerate themselves by delivering the stolen goods to Commissioner Gordon. The Penguin, however, scrambles aboard a passing express train, and escapes.